Waaier - Off White
Waaier - Off White
Waaier - Off White
Waaier - Off White
Waaier - Off White

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Anna Bemnet
A HUGE disappointment - NO star for service!!!!

I was quite excited to find the T-shirt with the bike motive for my husband - a passionate road rider...unfortunately the T-shirt is a size too large. All my tries to exchange the shirt for a smaller size were in vain - Roelof Winkelmans answered once and then ignored all my mails - I'd paid postage for the shirt, would have paid again for the exchange, but didn't have a return address to send the shirt back.
They definitely lost me as a client!!
My rating - a dubious company - stay away!!!

Hey Anna,

thanks for your email and rating.

I think you either didn't receive my emails or misread them. I answered to all your emails, clearly mentioning the return address and return policy.

Your first email was on 16/2, which I answered on 20/ 2 because I was down pneumonia. Sorry for the delay, but in my defense the return address and policy were mentioned.

Afterwards I replied again on 24/2 assuring you that we will accept the return on the SALE item.

On 27/2 you informed me that you couldn't return it, but that was because you thought the packing list with QR-code was a return label ...which we do not issue. This too is mentioned in the emails and policy.

I Again answered on 28/2 mentioning and confirming the address to return to again, which is the following:

ShopWeDo (Erstwhile),
Egide Walschaertsstraat 22 F,
2800 Mechelen, Belgium.

I can understand big companies and brands have a better approach on return policy, as they have more resources to do it. And errors can and do happen from time to time. But for your order and return I acted within my possibilities and was very helpful. If this was a dissapointing experience for you I can only accept it, but I strongly disagree on accusations on naming us a dubious company for which Rutger put our heart and souls in. All info was shared and all emails were answered to help you which I gladly took the time for to do so.

To conclude and as confirmed multiple times you can return your item to the address mentioned and we will swiftly refund it.

Enjoy your day. Roelof

Katinka Jäger
Cool clothing, fast delivery ! It was a pleasure to order !


Very nice polo shirt

This polo shirts fits nicely and is made from a soft fabric with a perfect quality. I really love the embroidered bike racers.

Hubert-Jan Busch
Nice shirt, wears lovely

Nice shirt, lovely print en wears very comfortable

Perfect fit

Classy polo. Perfect fit

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