Our Ride

Born in Belgium

Erstwhile was founded in 2018 by childhood friends Rutger, Evert and Roelof. With one goal in mind creating authentic quality clothing with the spirit of cycling and sports in mind.

What started as the classic kitchen table story in their hometown Mechelen,Belgium has since expanded into a premium cycling fashion brand, selling worldwide online and at premium shops .

Five cornerstones

We're enormously confident at what we do, why and how we do it, and for who we do it for. Forever guided and convinced by these 5 cornerstones

• Authenticity is key. Everything we do is created by us from A to Z. We make goods that tell a story, goods that create a community, goods that are unique.

• Transparant production in Europe. We team up with companies with a shared culture of putting happy people at the centre of their business.

• Sustainablity is common sense for us put into practice in all our processes and products.

• Quality for years. When we design clothes, our aim is to wear them for years to come.

• Share the love of cycling and sports in general. We create clothes that embody the true values of sports, the joy of togetherness, the amateur spirit, having a coffee or a beer after a ride.

Enjoy cycling, enjoy your rides, enjoy wearing Erstwhile and keep having fun while doing it.

All the best,
The Erstwhile team