Working with talented people who share our vision, passion, and values is one of the most enjoyable things. And that is why we love our photo shoot days.
We have been lucky enough to meet some great people over the past four years. Wouter has been taking the most beautiful photos for us since 2018. Almost all the images you get to see are from his hand. Every time he manages to amaze us. We can't imagine Erstwhile without his creative input.
Stef has already been in front of the camera in Barcelona and Brussels. The day after our shoot in Antwerp, he left with his father for a month-long cycling trip in the Pyrenees. And this was the second time we worked with Chloë, who can be found on her bike and surfboard when she is not at work as a firewoman.
Hope you enjoyed these behind the scenes images, as much as we enjoyed our photo shoot.

Next Sunday (11/09), we are launching our second women's collection. See you then!