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      How amazing life, people and planet earth might be, if we act accordingly that is, there is a lot of room for improvement.

      Yes we'd love to be as sustainable and transparant as possible. That's why for example

      - we only use fair trade and organic cotton,

      - we produce in Europe,

      - we work with companies with a shared culture of putting happy people central.

      These are elements we incorporate in every single thing we do and we try to improve this step by step. It isn't something we crossed out on a long list, it is common sense put into practice.

      Apart from all things we do to do good, funding cancer research has got our focus. Unfortunately everybody knows someone who suffered or suffers from this devastating decease. As hard as it is ... we do to. We've lost friends and family to it and have a brother and a sister fighting against it at this very moment.

      Witnessing this every day, makes us sure that every help is needed. That's why we participate in the '1000KM tegen kanker', a 4-day venue making participants ride 250 kilometers a day in a spirit of togetherness. In order to take part, we need to fundraise money. All this money is used to fund cancer research and psychological support for people fighting and beating it.

      That's why we made a 1000KM t-shirt, all profits of this shirt go directly to cancer research. 

      All info of the foundation can be found at komoptegenkanker.be

      All info of the venue can be found at 1000km.be

      We can't thank you enough, all help is appreciated. You can be sure that every donation will make a difference now and in the future.

      All my best,

      Roelof Winkelmans

      Founder Erstwhile