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How we do it

Erstwhile is founded by, and for, people who love sports and the amateur culture. We love the before, during and after 'togetherness' and it's our mission to create clothes that evoke back-in-the-day-smile.

To embody that culture, that nostalgia, that pure joy ... we knew we would have to do it ourselves. For every piece we create, there is an extensive sample run - starting with the first design on the back of a beer coaster and ending with a product we know is 100% right.

All day-to-day and creative aspects of Erstwhile are done in our hometown Mechelen, Belgium. Whenever you're around just visit Mechelen, you'll be amazed by its beauty, diversity and coziness - and while you're there maybe join us for a drink.

For our logistics we recently teamed up with BME in Genk, Belgium. They take good care of the shipping and stocking process and leave us free to focus on the fun stuff.



The actual craftsmanship takes place in Portugal, where we met our match in several ateliers in the towns of Barcelos and Joàn in the Porto region.



Just like Erstwhile, they all are small family-owned company and that have been in operation for decades.  They excel at making the finest garments you'll probably ever wear. We're not exaggerating... just try them.