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The Pitbull vs Le Roi!

by Rutger Verbeek |

Edgar Davids, the combative and energetic, yet creative and skilful midfielder, who stood out on the football field due to his dreadlocked hair and the protective goggles he wore due to glaucoma, is our first finalist. He will face Eric Cantona, who won four Premier League titles in five years and two League and FA Cup Doubles. His trademarked popped collar was often replicated, but never bettered, the perfect complement to that iconic MUFC number 7 shirt.

Edgar Davids vs Eric Cantona, The Pitbull vs Le Rio! Who will be crowned as Erstwhile Cult Player of the nineties? ⁣It’s up to you! You can vote in our Instagram stories.⁣

Our Final poll ends tomorrow at 13.00 CET. ⁣

It has been a great ride, thanks!⁣