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Erstwhile Cult Player of the '90

by Rutger Verbeek |

During the Coronacrisis, we keep you entertained. This week, you can decide who's the Erstwhile Cult Player of the Nineties!

We've selected 32 absolute cult players. For one reason or another, these players stand out from the rest, earning their own nicknames or fan songs and leaving special legacies that will never be forgotten. They aren’t always the most gifted individuals or highly prolific goalscorers, but they endear themselves to the fans through hard work, loyal service, key goals, and memorable moments. These players were often unpredictable but always exciting to watch, and are still talked about many years after hanging up their boots.

Go to our Instagram stories and make your choice!


For all the cycling fans, no worries, there will be a cycling edition later this week!